MP Tom Brake quits Student Rights advisory board

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake has resigned from the board of Student Rights, following the group’s controversial campus extremism report as the Huffington Post reports.

The move follows his resignation from the board of the Henry Jackson Society – a think tank for which Student Rights appears to be a front. Brake condemned the HJS as ‘increasingly intolerant’, following comments by its leading staff, notably Douglas Murray.

Brake’s resignation follows criticism from a range of students and student representatives, including the NUS Vice President for Welfare who condemned Student Rights latest report as evidence of a ‘witch hunt.’



One response to “MP Tom Brake quits Student Rights advisory board

  1. When gender Segregation is practiced by Jews they’re called Orthodox Jews. When its by Muslim they’re extremist. I was disappointed that not a single Muslim was able to explain gender segregation eloquently on LBC ( James O’Brien’s show). The sad reality is that back a few years ago in ISOCS this was a complete non issue. I guess we are beginning to see the early stages of a modern day enforced form of liberalism, who knows what will be next in their agenda, maybe the beard? May Allah grant us steadfastness and allow the truth to be victorious.

    Separating men and women cannot necessarily be assumed to reflect a statement of male supremacy. It can reflect personal preferences, as in women-only gyms, etiquette concerning behaviour in sacred spaces, as in orthodox synagogues or mosques, or feminist calls for “autonomous women’s space”. Like some feminists, some conservative Muslim women argue for their right to female-only spaces. Why should such requests be ignored simply because their purveyors are Muslim rather than radical secularists?

    Schools don’t separate children because girls are assumed to be inferior, but because it is believed by some educationalists that girls and boys perform better in single sex environments. Similarly to those who believe students of the opposite sex can be a distraction in co-ed classrooms, some Muslim groups believe this applies in lecture halls. One doesn’t have to condone this view (which I don’t) to accept its right to exist.

    If secularism means anything, it means the neutrality of the state on religious matters. Separate but equal access to a lecture is no more or less discriminatory than separate but equal access to education more broadly. As Baroness Warsi quite rightly points out, “there are certain boys in our political system who have spent their whole life being segregated from girls as they were educated, some of the best schools in our country are segregated.”

    The question does arise, why – when some of the UK’s leading schools, including some state schools – continue to offer separate educational facilities without encountering mass protests, why Muslims organising separate seating in an educational facility, does.

    Nobody’s forcing you to attend their events that they hold on campuses. If you don’t like segregation, don’t attend. If you do like segregation, hold your event somewhere else please. I’m confused .Doesn’t the Government support faith schools?Are they extreme? We’ve got a Girls school & a Boys school in my town. Very highly regarded both of them.Is this segregation?

    “Michael Gove has launched a passionate defence of faith schools, telling them they can avoid “unsympathetic meddling” from secularists by becoming academies. Writing in this week’s Catholic Herald, the education secretary praised Catholic schools and attributed their strong academic performance to their religious ethos.” “Mr Gove said: “Of course, what really makes Catholic schools stand out is their Catholicity … A key element of [Cardinal Manning’s] vision was that Catholic schools must be allowed sufficient autonomy to integrate the Catholic faith into every aspect of school life. A Catholic ethos is not something confined to RE lessons, but a pervasive set of values that find expression throughout the school day.”

    Most of the best schools are single sex, getting better academic results than co-eds. Whilst you might criticise single sex schools on other grounds, you can hardly characterise sex-segregation as irrational. Gender segregation is not alien to western culture and is widely practiced in places such as public toilets, single sex schools, hospitals and sports. I wonder why feminists are not protesting that they are not allowed to play against men in singles tennis championships or against male teams at football matches? There seems to be some level of recognition that men and women are better doing some things in segregated groups so why has it become such a political hot potato when Muslims segregate by gender?

    A religious speaker wishes to have a segregated audience, my choice is to submit to his views, or not to attend and therefore not to have the opportunity to examine critically his beliefs. What’s all the fuss, men and women ARE different – equal of course; but we compliment each other. Segregation isn’t creating an imbalance between the sexes, it’s good old fashioned common sense – something sorely lacking in our misplaced pride motivated existence…grow up!”Girls achieve better exam results when they are taught in single-sex schools, research has shown.” I’ve seen the separation of genders during Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist practices, for theologian and sometimes also practical reasons, perhaps tradition plays also a role. It is nice that people still keep their traditions. It makes the world more interesting.

    The university spokeswoman who insisted that the women sitting segregated are there by choice ignores the fact that essentially the lecture is not open to those who object in principle to segregation. The parallel with apartheid is exact: ‘coloureds’ could go, but in the coloured section. Birds of a feather flock together, we have Turkish areas, Greek areas, West Indian areas, African areas if this is not apartheid what is? If toilets are segregated by gender, why not student political meetings? After all the product is about the same. Call it apartheid is certainly wrong. Strange that nobody ever thinks about this. Is it according to Islam forbidden for a man to marry a woman and live side by side with her? Certainly not. So wherein is the apartheid? In Doha I’ve seen a Muslim man pushing his mother in a wheel chair with care and love. So how could people claim that Muslim men are all so monstrous to women? In a fast food restaurant I’ve seen an African Muslim carrying trays of food back to his wife and his mother, they are just people like anyone else, with some different customs, like everyone of us.
    London School of Islamics Trust

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