The BBC admits ‘Student Rights’ is not a student group

An article on BBC News online which made reference to ‘a student group’ which ‘said that segregation at talks given by people it described as radical Islamists had become widespread’ appeared on 22 November 2013.

A student from Birmingham University involved in the Real Student Rights campaign spotted this and suspected it was in fact a reference to Student Rights, which – despite its misleading name – appears to have no student members or links to students unions.

Another student contacted Angela Harrison, the BBC journalist who wrote the piece, on Twitter, who confirmed that Student Rights were the group being referred to.

angela harrison tweet 1

After it was pointed out that Student Rights was not a student group the journalist agreed to look into the issue.

angela harrison tweet 2

Then, on 29 November, the erroneous reference was removed and replaced with the more accurate description ‘A group which campaigns against extremism on campus’.

Though the note appended to the bottom of the article does not explain what the ‘amendment’ made to the article was, the fact that the BBC journalist chose to correct the description is an implicit recognition of the fact that Student Rights has no real connection to students.

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