Article about Real Student Rights campaign in Ceasefire

The Real Student Rights campaign has been written about by Hilary Aked in Ceasefire Magazine. You can read her piece here.

Other than explaining how and why the Real Student Rights campaign has been formed to combat the oprganisation ‘Student Rights’, there are a few important new facts uncovered in the article:

1. Student Rights website domain name is registered to the same address as the Henry Jackson Society office – further proof that ‘Student Rights’ is a front group for the right wing think tank

2. Student Rights has published a blog on its site which links to the Islamophobic hate-site ‘Atlas Shrugs’, the website of Pamela Geller, who was banned from entering the UK earlier this year due to her racist activities. When Student Rights links to her site, it does so without any warning or disclaimer about the hateful nature of the content on Atlas Shrugs – and seems, therefore, to implicitly approve of the website.

3. Student Rights failed to speak out and condemn violent Islamophobic attacks on Muslim students from City University in November 2009

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