Students’ unions hit back at group monitoring campus extremism – Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education, a key outlet of university news, covers the Real Students Rights campaign today, noting that LSE, Goldsmiths and Birkbeck students unions have so far passed motions condemning ‘Student Rights’ for “targeting Muslim students”.

THE screenshot

RSR campaign in Times Higher Ed

The exposure comes after Raheem Kassam and Rupert Sutton of Student Rights wrote a blog attacking the Real Student Rights campaign for the Huffington Post. Despite being entitled ‘Setting the record straight’, they failed to explain why Student Rights had not made its links to the Henry Jackson Society transparent or why it had linked to anti-Muslim hate site ‘Atlas Shrugs’. Ironically, they also accused Real Student Rights – unlike themselves an actual student campaign – of not having ‘the interests of the majority of Britain’s students at heart’.

The new article in THE explains how the RSR campaign has coordinated motions based on its draft template criticising ‘Student Rights’ at three students unions so far – all leading institutions and part of the University of London – and in spring term the campaign should spread nationwide.

Read the  full Times Higher Education article online here.

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