NUS Black Students’ Conference votes to condemn Student Rights

Following the NUS National Executive Council’s decision last week to denounce Student Rights, the group received condemnation from another national student organisation, further damaging what little credibility it still held.

This weekend the Black Students’ Campaign – an autonomous Liberation campaign of the NUS representing over one million students of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean descent – held their annual summer conference at the University of Warwick; the largest gathering in Europe of ‘Black’ students with delegates representing over 100 HE and FE students’ unions across the UK present.

There, a motion amendment proposed by Middlesex Students’ Union entitled 200b ‘Condemn Student Rights‘ was passed by Conference as part of wider Anti-Racism policy, with zero votes in opposition and two in abstention.

The amendment echoed the call of earlier motions to condemn Student Rights for their

‘sensationalist stories demonising Muslims students in media (…) and fuelling Islamophobia in British society’

but also resolved for the Black Students’ Campaign to form and lead a Working Group

‘that will resist the efforts of Student Rights and encourage institutions/SU’s to both reject unfair targeting of Muslim students, their events and political campaigns.’

which, as the proponent speaking for the motion described, was due to the fact that ‘Black’ Muslim students faced the brunt of Islamophobia in society, were particularly vulnerable to Student Rights’ attacks, and therefore should be leading the campaign against them.

The full motion and amendment can be found below.

2 responses to “NUS Black Students’ Conference votes to condemn Student Rights

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