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We are students, recent graduates, university employees and members of the public who believe freedom of speech and association on campus and are vitally important. Both have been under threat for some time and in the wake of the Woolwich murder right-wing groups like Student Rights have stepped up efforts to police universities despite the absence of evidence for the alleged problem of ‘extremism’ on campus. In particular politically active Muslim students are being unfairly demonised, stigmatised and intimidated.

Real Student Rights supports genuine attempts to oppose discrimination in all its forms, including sexism, homophobia and racism and is founded on the premise that those problems – which exist in all sectors of society – are not challenged by disproportionately and unfairly attacking an already-targeted minority group increasingly affected by discrimination itself.

Student Rights’ complete lack of transparency about its links to the Henry Jackson Society, evidence that its activities whip up Islamophobia on campus, its absence of connections to actual students and its anti-democratic approach lead us to regard it as a counterproductive, illegitimate and harmful voice.


We hope that this campaign will:

  • further publically discredit the group
  • be a resource for students to use to defend themselves if attacked by the group
  • restrict the platform & legitimacy given to the organisation by the media
  • be a resource to use in complaints to media when the organisation is given a platform, not identified as a Henry Jackson Society project, or presented as a legitimate representative of students
  • reduce the credibility afforded to them by universities
  • reduce the number of students whose events are cancelled because of lobbying by the group
  • contribute towards a less divisive, more tolerant and open atmosphere on campuses

Sign petition here | Template motion to propose to your SU available here.

More on Student Rights here | Further resources here

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