Should segregation ever be allowed at universities? Channel 4 News

Paul Mason’s report was the first time Student Rights was identified in the media as a project of the Henry Jackson Society. LSE President Jay Stoll argues that “If [Student Rights] were applying the same standards to other religious groups it would be easier to take it a bit more seriously” and that the group’s “constant push to monitor” Muslim students is Islamophobic. The report also notes that  LSE SU passed a (Real Student Rights) motion condemning Student Rights.

Last year’s NUS President Liam Burns on the need to “challenge the right-wing bile that is spouted by groups like Student Rights” (10:25). He also offers critical but constructive comments on balancing freedom of speech and freedom from harm – FOSIS event on ‘Muslim Students: Representation and Reality’ in, House of Lords, March 2013.

Student Rights and extremism in universities (Islam Channel ‘Analysis’, March 2014)

Ibrahim Ali of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Mohammed Amin from the Conservative Muslim Forum and Hilary Aked from Real Student Rights discuss the group Student Rights and the issue of extremism on campus.

Should we worry about gender segregation in UK universities? (Islam Channel Politics and Media show, 31 May 2013)

With Pete Mercer from the National Union of Students and Omar Ali, President of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies.

Islam Channel: ‘The Debate: Radicalisation on Campus’  with Hilary Aked (Real Student Rights), Mohammed Amin (Conservative Muslim Forum) and Jonathan Birdwell (Demos) – June 2013.

Phd student, writer and member of the ‘Real Student Rights’ campaign, Hilary Aked points out methodological flaws in Student Rights’ research, their links to the Henry Jackson Society and discusses wider issues around surveillance, security and Islamophobia.

The Artist Taxi Driver – Hilary Aked on the Israel lobby and ‘Student Rights

‘Dialogue with Student Rights’: Rupert Sutton of Student Rights debates Hilary Aked of Real Student Rights’

Organised by the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Society, SOAS, University of London

Hamja Ahsan on Student Rights and Real Student Rights (from 03:15 mins)

Hamja Ahsan, who leads the campaign Free Talha Ahsan on behalf of his brother, imprisoned without trial in a supermax jail in the U.S. after being extradited from Britain, discusses the activities of Student Rights, the importance of resisting smear campaigns targeting Muslim students and the student resistance campaign Real Student Rights.

Confronting Islamophobia event at LSE

Panel 1 speakers: Omar Ali (FOSIS), Tiana Bayemani (SOAS), Hilary Aked (Real Student Rights), AbdoolKarim Vakil (King’s College London). Panel 2 speakers: Victoria Brittain (author, journalist and campaigners), Louise Christian (Christian Khan solicitors), Aaron Kiely (NUS Black Students officer), Marwan Muhammad (Collectif Contre L’Islamophobie en France)

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