Student Union motions based on the Real Student Rights template motion passed so far:

  • London School of Economic (LSE), University of London
    UGM motion, 5/6 December 2013.
    Proposed by: Mohamed Harrath
    Seconded by: Rayhan Uddin
  • Goldsmiths, University of London, 10 December 2013.
    Proposed by: Soren Goard
    Seconded by: Ibrahim Abdille
  • Birkbeck, University of London, Union Council motion, 11 December 2013.
    Proposed by: Nadia Chan
    Seconded by: Ibrahim Ali, Rabia Khan
  • University College London (UCL), University of London
    Student Council motion, 4 February 2014
    Proposed by: Sahal Quazi
    Seconded by: Hannah Webb, Zayyan Butt
  • Kingston University Students Union
    Big Student Meeting, 27 February 2014
    Proposed by: Omar Malik, Bashir Ibrahim
  • Queen Mary, University of London
    Annual General Meeting, 20 March 2014
    Proposed by: Sam Playle
    Seconded by: Sarah Sarwar, Ellen Tansey, Magan Jimale, Saiam Ahmed
  • NUS National Executive Council (NEC)
    NEC meeting, 13-14 May 2014
    Proposed by: SOAS and Birkbeck Students’ Unions (constituent members)
  • University of Greenwich Students Union
    Union Council, 20 May 2014
    Details tbc
  • Imperial University Students Union
    Friday 23 May 2014
    Details tbc
  • London Metropolitan University, September. 2014
    London Met Student Union (METSU) made it a priority campaign
    and Vice Chancellor Professor John Raftery said he had taken note of students concerns about the organisation (see his letter here)

Supporters of Real Students Rights include (all in a personal capacity):

  • NUS Black Students’ Officer Aaron Kiely
  • NUS Black Students’ Officer-elect & Black Women’s Forum UK Malia Bouattia
  • NUS VP Welfare Officer 2011-13 Peter Mercer
  • NUS VP Welfare Officer 2013-14  Colum McGuire
  • FOSIS (the Federation of Student Islamic Societies) President Omar Ali
  • ULU (University of London Union) President Michael Chessum
  • ULU Black Students Officer Maham Hashmi-Khan
  • NUS Black Students National Committee member Shabina Raja
  • Westminster University SU President Kaled Mimouni
  • Samayya Afzal, Bradford United 4 Palestine President


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